Atlas Pilates Studio

Clearly the Right Setting for Pilates

Danielle teaching Dominique in the Atlas PIlates studio

The clean and bright Atlas Pilates studio is fully equipped with classical Pilates apparatus and the interior design emphasizes pure function. You’ll be able to focus on the work to get maximum benefit from our personal Pilates instruction.

Changing RoomsWe’re serious about our indoor environmental quality.
The studio is located in a LEED Silver certified building and features non-polluting finishes and low impact ecosurfaces flooring. There’s HEPA air filtration, filtered fresh air intake, atmospheric heat pumps, daylight spectrum lighting, and we use HEPA vacuums to remove dust and other allergens. We never use harsh detergents or chemical cleaners and the dressing rooms are stocked with all natural skin and hair care products. (And we kindly ask that you please refrain from wearing perfumes or noxious deodorants in the studio.)

Our Pilates Apparatus

Our Gratz Pilates exercise apparatus was fabricated in strict accordance with the original specifications of Joe Pilates and he spent more than 30 years using the same designs in his own studio. We use it because we think it’s the world’s most effective Pilates apparatus.

“No other Pilates apparatus feels as good, lasts as long, or preserves the Pilates Method as safely and authentically as Gratz. The difference is clear with the first workout.” — Romana Kryzanowska
Montserrat on Gratz Cadillac