Isabel Wohlstetter

Isabel is a Seattle native and a passionate fan of the Pacific Northwest. Growing up, she explored her lovely home state through hiking, skiing, kayaking, swimming and horseback riding. Her love of horses led to her to compete nationally as an equestrian until she moved to the east coast for college. She graduated from NYU with a B.A. in comparative literature and returned to Seattle, working in a variety of fields before settling in marketing at a local tech company.

Isabel had no idea what to expect when she took her first Pilates lesson, but after one class she was instantly hooked. In 2016, she left her desk job to pursue her passion for Pilates as a career. She completed the Atlas Pilates comprehensive Teacher Training Program and was certified by Lori Coleman-Brown. Isabel enjoys helping her clients develop skills for healthier movement and use Pilates concepts in their daily lives and other athletic pursuits.