Advanced Seminar – POSTPONED

POSTPONED! In response to the COVID-19 infectious disease outbreak, we are suspending on-site Pilates Teacher Training activities until at least April 24th, 2020 in order to do our part to help slow the spread. We have not set a new date yet, but we are not cancelling. Take Care and wash your hands frequently!

April 4th-5th, 2020

Delve Deep into the Advanced Pilates Exercises

Atlas Pilates Advanced 2019In our Advanced Seminar with Lori Coleman-Brown, we’ll explore the advanced material and how it can be woven into complete programs for individuals. We’ll analyze the exercises, discuss the goals for each exercise and look closely at the relevant anatomy. We’ll work on increased awareness, balance, and control, and learn techniques to develop power, endurance and release in proportion to what the body needs.

Come prepared to perform all of the Advanced Pilates Exercises to the best of your ability.


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