Danaë Montreuil

Danaë MontreuilCertified Instructor Danaë Montreuil brings a special combination of knowledge and experience to Atlas Pilates. She was trained during a 700 hours apprenticeship in Pilates through the Romana’s Pilates organization. She has a background in massage therapy and has studied kinesiology, physiology and anatomy.

Danaë became a Pilates instructor after years of personal practice. Her goals are to maintain movement with flexibility and strength, and she finds Pilates the most effective way to feel centered, stronger and more pulled together. Her objective now is to help her students reach their own goals.

“My philosophy is that Pilates is not about cookie cutter exercises. Instruction should be customized for the practitioner’s body type, personality, injury and need.”

Danaë is focused and likes to work deeply with students to discover how to get maximum results from their practice. She has an eye for posture, and the ways that different bodies compensate for weaknesses and injuries. Moreover, her knowledge of muscle and muscle movement makes it easier for her to explain how exercises are executed and accomplished safely.

“I’m constantly amazed by the abilities of the human machine, and thrilled to help people find a connection between their mind and body so they can move freely, effortlessly and without discomfort or strain.”

When she’s not busy helping clients grow taller and stronger, Danaë can be found at work in her massage therapy business, practicing aerial acrobatics, or tasting wine. A sommelier who left Seattle’s beloved Wild Ginger restaurant to pursue a career in Pilates, Danaë loves to broaden her palate by delving into wines from around the world, country-by-country.

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