CPE 2017 Workshops

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Listen with your Hands: It’s a 2 Way Exchange

Lori Coleman-Brown

Learn and practice effective hands on teaching techniques to help your clients and yourself deepen the Pilates experience. Lori’s teacher Romana alternately called this “dancing with your clients” and “hard work”! In this workshop, we will explore ways to sense as well as identify what an individual body needs, followed by implementing specific hands on techniques that allow you to listen while you give. In addition to assessing what a body needs, we will work with direction, timing, intention and how to invite movement to develop healthy and balanced bodies.

Corners and Wheels

Lori Coleman-Brown

Lori’s teacher Romana often said “we are not made of metal or wood” when she saw student’s orient too strongly to straight planes. Romana, and Joseph Pilates before her, were strong advocates of “letting the body move”. Though it is helpful to visualize straight lines and square angles, it doesn’t mean the human body functions best this way.

In this workshop, you will use your imagination to add dimension to our simple concept of the Pilates Box. After identifying the Box and the planes of movement, we will add cuffs to corners, where limbs attach to the trunk. These concepts invite deliberate movement between planes via healthy torsion, showing ways to recognize and perform healthy joint sharing and proportion as they apply to the original work of JH Pilates.

Discover challenge points along the continuum of effort as well as range of motion where you can not only hang on but grow. Face your rotations and twists head on. Get to know them to fine tune control, improve balance, and expand your possibilities.

Rhythm and Wrap

Lori Coleman-Brown and Teresa Shupe

Explore what rhythm means in a Pilates workout beginning with utilizing the body’s natural tempos of heartbeat and breath cycle all the way to leading a session with driving dynamics. Learn how to choose ideal speed and rhythm and suitably weave them together in a session that challenge your client while simultaneously promoting ease of motion and body development. Practice overlaying physical, tactile and imagery cues within this rhythmic matrix. Prepare to step a little outside your comfort zone to find something wonder-ful!

Kathy Grant’s Cats and Beyond

Blossom Leilani-Crawford

Kathy loved cats, loved the way they moved. It inspired her to make up many different cat exercises. You’ll learn all of Kathy’s “cats” and how Kathy used them within traditional Pilates vocabulary. You’ll discover that the principals and imagery of the cats can transfer to skills you need to use while doing Pilates on the equipment.

From the Feet

Blossom Leilani-Crawford

Blossom will share her techniques working the feet. Over the years she has curated many exercises that strengthen, re-align and stretch the feet. The movements come from her own teaching experience, from Kathy Grant and other Pilates teachers. In this workshop you will see how the feet are the structural foundation for our knees and hips. We will use our eyes, hands, balls, towels and pads to connect to the feet. We will play and investigate their role in balance and strength. We will also look at how the feet play a role in traditional Pilates exercises on equipment like the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac and Barrels. We will also explore how to better incorporate the feet into your everyday Pilates teaching.

Cadillac Fun

Blossom Leilani-Crawford

In this workshop there will be sharing of classical Pilates with a simple but effective twist. Blossom will also show some Kathy Grant vocabulary on the Cadillac. It will be a mix of old exercises and new on the biggest piece of Pilates equipment.
In a recent Pilates Style article Blossom says that the Cadillac is one of her favorite pieces of equipment. Come and see how lots of fun and hard Pilates work meet on this apparatus.

Round Out Your Practice in a Barrel Exploration

Blossom Leilani-Crawford

During this workshop we will dive into traditional Pilates, and not so traditional vocabulary, on the Spine Corrector and the Ladder Barrel. We will look at how its’ shape rounds out the liner exercises in Pilates. This equipment gives us access to the body that other pieces of equipment do not. During this class we will explore the Barrel’s unique shape and demonstrate how it can be utilized to challenge, and in fact complement, the spine.

Friday Icebreaker Workshop

The Bee’s Knees

Laura Bannister, DPT

They bend, they twist, and they push. Sometimes they are smooth and often they creak. Come learn more about the anatomy of the knee! We will explore some common diagnoses that may affect your clients ability to bend and push with their knees and some exercise pearls that would help your clients progress forward, even with the most challenging of knees.

Pilates Lessons

Private and Semi-Private Lessons are available over the the weekend with Blossom Leilani-Crawford, Lori Coleman-Brown and Teresa Shupe. Event rates apply Fri-Mon. Please Contact us to get scheduled.

Visit the CPE Event Page for details including schedule, pricing and payment.