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Upcoming Events

  • Atlas Pilates CPE
    CPE 2017 – Continuing Pilates Education
    June 10-11th, 2017
    Lori Coleman-Brown and Blossom Leilani-Crawford present a big weekend of workshops and workouts for professional Pilates instructors.

  • Advanced Pilates Seminar
    July 15-16th, 2017
    Delve deep into the Advanced Pilates exercises with Lori Coleman-Brown and Victoria Torrie-Capan.

Pilates Teacher Training

Atlas Pilates Teacher Training

Atlas Pilates educational programming is designed by Lori Coleman-Brown to train the next generation Classical Pilates teachers and to foster the continued growth of professional Pilates instructors. We provide experienced, knowledgeable and practical trainers who inspire and encourage others to effectively teach the original system of corrective exercise created by Joseph H. Pilates. Our challenging, knowledge-rich and supportive environment is geared towards the development of autonomy in new Pilates teachers and cultivating future professional success.